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  • Shwood Belmont

    Shwood Belmont

    The Belmont's refined aesthetic gives a nod to the past with its classic panto-shaped frame and distinct keyhole bridge.  One of...

    Buy €145.00
  • Shwood Canby

    Shwood Canby

    Shwood's original wooden sunglasses.  Since the beginning, the Canby has been Shwood’s flagship model, and for good reason.  The classic...

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  • Shwood Eugene

    Shwood Eugene

    The Eugene's sleek silhouette combines a metal rim and bridge with dark, subtle hardwoods for a timeless and refined look....

    Buy €145.00
  • Shwood Haystack

    Shwood Haystack

    Bold and confident, the Haystack calls for attention with its strong silhouette and thick features, wrapped in Dark Walnut.

    Buy €145.00



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